The Company

GrowFit physical education curriculum is designed to provide teachers with a comprehensive and differentiated online set of resources to support teachers in teaching physical literacy effectively to students with varying needs. Our web-based curriculum offers a unique approach to physical education for students from Kindergarten to eighth grade that is founded on the latest research, on national and state standards, and on years of direct classroom experience.

The Challenge

Physical Education requires a specific knowledge and skillset. GrowFit needed support in growing their offering from solely an onsite implementation in California to a web-based offering on a national scale. To do so, their curriculum needed to speak to a broader audience and ensure their content is applicable to a wider variety of students.

Our Role

RYE supported GrowFit in full curriculum alignment to both the SHAPE America and CASEL Standards which presented the opportunity for nation-wide implementation. In addition, this work was complemented by the creation of standards-based rubrics to ensure teachers could implement the curriculum with fidelity.

“RYE was great in that they helped us pinpoint what additional content we needed to provide in order to be of value to schools and districts. They then took the next step and created content when our team didn’t have the resources helping us reach our goals.
— Russ Nuffer, CEO & Co-Founder, GrowFit

Our Approach

  • SHAPE America standards alignment

  • CASEL standards alignment

  • Develop rubrics to support objective to accommodate large class sizes.

  • Develop standards-based rubrics to monitor student progress and show student growth for each unit.

  • Support successful procurement applications to broaden sales opportunities and markets.

  • Analyze market value and provided clear pricing strategy.

Our Result

With RYE’s team of experts at the helm, we obtained an 86%-win rate from all our RFP bids. By hitting our goals for every timeline, by never missing a deadline, RYE ensured that curriculum was rich in standards, complete with aligned assessments, so GrowFit would be well suited for a nation-wide audience.



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