Inspire Girls Academy


The Company

Inspire Girls Academy works to transform the lives of girls by equipping them with the leadership skills and the confidence to explore their idea and opinions through project-based learning. Founded in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) concepts the girls discover their passion through approaching problems, experimenting and finding solutions through trial and error in after school and summer camp based engagements.

The Challenge

Inspire was intended to open as a private school, but pivoted in order to reach more students as an after-school and summer camp program. They needed an engaging curriculum that could be used across multiple grade levels (PreK-4th grade) and implemented in a wide range of environments. In addition, they needed support adapting content for partnerships and growth opportunities.

Our Role

RYE’s experienced educators went to work establishing a dynamic curriculum that supported NGSS and CASEL standards while focusing on real-world based engagement. RYE supported trainings of teachers to ensure fidelity of the new curriculum’s implementation. With rigor at the forefront, RYE wanted Inspire girls to be challenged to take risks and learn from their classmates through a variety of themes. As Inspire has grown, RYE continues to create new content that upholds INSPIRE’s STEAM model.

“RYE consulting is really a one of a kind consulting service. I have had the privilege of working with them for the past 5 years and owe many of the successes of my business to Rayna and her team. They provide solutions, ideas for change, and a highly knowledgable team of consultants who are willing to go above and beyond to ensure success. RYE Consulting continues to exceed my expectations with their passion and commitment to my nonprofits mission. They are hands-on and always willingly to do what it takes to meet deadlines and the demands of their clients. RYE is truly the best in the business!
— Shalini Patel, CEO and Co-Founder

Our Approach

  • RYE-authored lesson plans aligned to NGSS, CASEL and NGSS curriculum through project-based learning.

  • Support growth through community partnerships and engage in neighborhood-based marketing

  • Conduct site visits to reflect on curriculum implementation

  • Create protocols for best-practices to strengthen Professional Development

Our Result

Because of RYE support and guidance, Inspire has now grown their offerings to support 16 after-school programs and 3 summer camps annually, resulting in the ability to impact over 500 girls annually throughout Chicagoland. In addition, they successfully piloted a school day based engagement for K-2 at a CICS Charter School. With this clearer pathway of growth, Inspire will be taking the next step to package their curriculum to scale as a nationwide after-school program.



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