The Ounce of Prevention Fund


The Company

The Ounce of Prevention is focused on finding effective solutions for children living in poverty in their critical first five years of life. As a foundation, The Ounce uses private dollars to apply early brain development science in developing innovative programs, and then leverage public funding to support their implementation and replication.

The Challenge

The Ounce has a 25-year history of serving, advocating and supporting children in poverty, but lacked strategic focus and direction in several initiatives. In addition, the organization had long outgrown its established internal protocol and communication strategy around promotional and research events.

Our Role

RYE used research and market expertise to survey the national and strategically important state and local early childhood landscapes. Then, they analyzed and presented that research in a strategically actionable format to key stakeholders within the organization. Meanwhile, working hand-in-hand with the marketing team, RYE developed an internal database of important conferences, events and forums pertinent to the Ounce’s mission, and established a workflow and communications protocol for the entire organization around these events.

RYE’s ability to quickly access our needs and put a plan to action was invaluable. Their team takes a multi-faceted approach, supporting the Ounce through strategy, business development, market growth and marketing engagements. They have helped us make sense of and take action on complex organizational issues.
— Rebecca Berlin, Senior Vice President, Quality, Solutions & Impact

Our Approach

  • Bring a critical eye to the Ounce’s established patchwork approach to tracking the organization’s representation at conferences and public events.

  • Conduct a thorough internal survey and working in partnership with the Marketing team

  • Develop a database that allows inter and intra-departmental tracking of conferences, events, materials, proposals, attendance and impact.

  • Train department coordinators across the organization to contribute to and maintain this database.

Our Result

What RYE built is in daily use by department coordinators throughout the Ounce to plan, execute and keep record of their involvement in relevant and important events. This allows for a more coordinated and thoughtful approach to the Ounce’s public appearances.

The success of this project led the Ounce to use RYE’s ability to synthesize and strategize in building its approach to an important early childhood market: the state of Texas. By combing through several years of market research, updating with additional research where needed and distilling the data into an intelligible presentation, RYE provided the Ounce strategy team with the basis of its strategy development conversation.

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