Tiny TuneMakers


The Company:

Tiny Tunemakers curriculum empowers early childhood classroom teachers with tools to intertwine music throughout their curricular instruction and daily routines.

The Challenge

Tiny Tunemakers needed to ‘level up’ their offering taking teacher-created content to a packaged product. They struggled to know what next step to take, whether it was taking content to Social and Emotional Learning standards, QRIS, or something else. They also wondered how to engage with families to share more about Tiny Tunemakers.

Our Role

RYE understood the market landscape and demands to helped position Tiny Tunemakers for growth. The RYE team was hands-on, taking the time to recognize their need and capacity for growth. RYE accompanied Tiny Tunemakers to sales meetings, supported the creation of a one-pager about the product, helped guide their pricing model, and develop steps for growth.

RYE’s confidence is infectious and immediately made me feel like I had things under control. They made each step feel obtainable and relevant to the end goal

Our Approach

  • Shadow Tiny Tunemakers to understand the program and its unique implementation structure

  • Create a tight, actionable plan for sales growth

  • Analyze market value and provided clear pricing strategy

  • Streamline curriculum by clarifying ideas and highlighting CASEL alignment

  • Develop one-pager marketing document to support sales and emphasize key features

  • Support successful Chicago Public School procurement application to broaden sales opportunities

  • NavigatedWBE certification process

  • QRIS standards alignment

  • Illinois SEL standards alignment

  • Support instruction for ELL and Special Needs

  • Create Parent Engagement Workshops that could be supported in English and Spanish

  • Cultivate resources for Professional Development to support their offerings

Our Result

With all of RYE’s support, Tiny Tunemakers strategic vision and goals were set. They were approved as a CPS vendor and grew their implementation in the Chicago market. RYE was able to provide Professional Development to a broad audience, which grew the Tiny Tunemakers brand as teacher- and student-centered. In addition, RYE developed an innovative Parent Engagement Workshop so they were able to better create a home-to-school connection.



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