Erin Starkey, M.Ed.

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Curriculum Lead: Project Based Learning and Technology Implementation Specialist

Erin is a dedicated educator with a deep passion to help teachers craft authentic learning experiences through Project Based Learning. She believes in Project Based Learning’s rigorous pedagogy as engaging and meaningful learning for her and ALL her learners. Erin has seen first hand how powerful Gold Standard PBL is for English Language Learners, Special Education, Gifted/Talented and average students. She has witnessed how incredible the transformation of learning is for students in both affluent and low-income areas. PBL is not one more thing; it is the thing that allows other educational initiatives to work together.

In addition to her classroom experience, Erin has held the role of K-12 Instructional Coach, emphasizing technology integration at the district level. Her passion is ensuring twenty-first-century learning, student ownership, engagement, and student success happens in every classroom.   She regularly provides engaging Professional Development across the country in support of research-based practices.



  • BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from Abilene Christian University

  • Masters in Education, Curriculum and Instruction, K-12 from Texas State University


  • Texas General Curriculum Generalist (PK-8)

  • Texas Science Cognitive Level (PK-8)

  • Texas Social Studies Cognitive Level  (PK-8)

  • Texas Math Cognitive Level (PK-8)

  • Texas Reading Cognitive Level (PK-8)

  • Texas Education Language Arts Cognitive Level (PK-8)

  • English to Speakers of Other Languages (PK-8)



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