About RYE Consulting

We focus on engaging clients from PreK through HigherEd creating a pathway with customized support. We share our clients' ambitions - providing support for start-ups, schools, districts, foundations, corporations, and advocacy organizations. RYE works to understand client goals for the short and long-term to deliver true results—focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions.

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We’re masters of learning.

Much like our clients, we love to learn, research, and ask lots of questions. Each member of our organization has a Masters degree in Education, complemented by classroom experience, providing an authentic teacher voice to our solutions.

We meet clients where they are.

Consulting is built on understanding. We take the time to recognize your current capabilities and adapt our services without assumptions or ego. We're committed to finding the best approach for your organization.

We’re serious about meeting the needs of all learners.

As educators, we understand the unique needs of students and our team has over 40 certifications deepening our level of comprehension. We customize solutions to meet the needs of Special Education, English Language Learners and the Autism Spectrum through modified standards, Project Based Learning, and Inquiry models.

We believe no two clients are alike.

The key to a successful partnership is a solution tailored to a company’s size, resources, and end goal. Every client is different and every decision is crucial. We take the time to understand the problem, the team members, and the goals.

We work side by side with clients from idea to finished product.

We take an advisory-to-execution mindset with clients. Providing a transparent lens to actionable solutions enabling our client to learn along the way. Our goal is to deliver a solution while developing our client's skill set for future growth.

“RYE’s ability to quickly assess our needs and put a plan to action was invaluable. Their team takes a multi-faceted approach, supporting the Ounce through strategy, business development, market growth, and marketing engagements. They have helped us make sense of and take action on complex organizational issues.
— Rebecca Berlin, Sr Vice President, Quality, Solutions & Impact, Ounce of Prevention Fund

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